How to use

The details of using our childcare services are as follows.
We strive to provide a simple system for mothers to arrange childcare. *To ensure their safety, we will share information of your child with the Sitters.

STEP1Booking/Member registration
Please contact us via telephone or the Contact/Booking Form on our website.
We will guide you through the member registration page. Please access the page and fill in the required items.
After registration is complete, a membership number will be issued to you.
STEP2Bookings for members
Bookings can be made via the “Booking” button on our website.
After the Sitter is confirmed, we will give you some background information of the Sitter and their contact details by email.
We will also send you a confirmation email a day before the babysit. Please be sure to check the details and confirm the time.
The Sitter will aim to arrive at the designated place 10 minutes early.
They will take care of your child safely according to your needs.
At the end, the sitter will give you a report on the babysit.
At the beginning of each month we will send you an invoice via email for the services you used in the previous month.
Please make the payments by bank transfer or credit card by the 15th of the month.
*We accept VISA or Master card.
Information before use
We may not be able to arrange Sitters for imminent requests. Therefore, we recommend that you make a booking as early as possible.