Would you like
to start a babysitter?

Babysitting service that allows sitters
to be able to communicate each child
with a smile and a “relaxed mind and body”.

mormor is a babysitting service
for working moms that was launched by working moms.
We know what it’s like to take care of a child,
so we don’t only pursue convenience for our customers.
We value the feelings of our sitters
and that of the children in their childcare,
so we have created a system that allows them
to be able to communicate each child
with a smile and a “relaxed mind and body”.

Bringing warmth and connection with people closer to you Mormor’s features that you find them easy to work
here and to keep working.

Ease of understanding
and peace of mind
Eliminate the operation with risk of taking your eyes off the children, such as sick children, housekeeping, cooking, bathing, and we have simplified the service to the hilt. We are 100% focused on the child in front of you, so it’s easy for both sitters and mothers to understand and feel safe.
Talk to me right away
about your problems!
We are a company where you can consult with us when you have a problem with your work. Because it is a people-to-people job, we value communication and share all of our sittings with the headquarters. . Please feel free to contact us at any time with any concerns or problems you may have.
You can work at a pace
that is easy to follow.
The pace and volume of work will depend on the sitter’s circumstances, such as schoolwork, workweek work, childcare, caregiving, etc. Adjustments are possible.
You can consult with us about your preferred work area and other details. We have a backup system in place to ensure that you can continue to work without difficulty.

What to do and what not to do
mormor’s job description

Mormor is a babysitting service that focuses solely on childcare.
This is why mormor has a clear idea of the skills it looks for in its sitters.

What mormor sitters do.
Indoor play / meal feeding / diaper changing / walking / showering / bathing (Elementary School Children and above) / school pick up (for preschoolers we only offer pick up by walking or by taxi) / childcare outside of the home (e.g. at your place of work)
What we don’t do in mormor
Health care for sick children / housekeeping / cooking / pick up and drop off by car or bicycle / bathing of infants, overnight childcare / educational tutoring / childcare for non-contract children
Would you like to
start babysitting/
kids sitting?

From college students to grandmothers. We have a wide variety of sitters!

The more services you provide outside of childcare,
(ex: housekeeping, sick childcare, multilingual support, carpooling, etc. )
the more you distract from the care of your children, which is crucial,
and something might happen to the child
if you take your eye off the ball for a moment.

At mormor, we limit our services to “childcare only”
so that anyone who loves children, regardless of qualifications,
can work with peace of mind.
Currently, we have a wide variety of sitters,
from students who want to become childcare workers,
to housewives who have finished raising their children and grandchildren,
and freelancers who work full-time.

No experience necessary! A small introductory training session
for a small group of students will be provided.

Mormor’s sitters do not require qualifications.
We are always looking for potential sitters who love children
and want to make the most of their free time,
or students who want to gain experience for the future.
We will provide detailed introductory training for those with no experience.
If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Babysitting Basics

  • Roles and Responsibilities as a babysitter
  • How to be a babysitter
  • Scope of work at mormor


  • What is a “trustworthy” sitter?
  • Simulation of flexible responses required in the field

Development/development by age

  • Developmental and Developmental Guidelines
  • How to spend time and play, etc.

practical training

  • Diaper changing techniques and formula feeding
  • How to use a baby carrier
  • Play songs and storytelling

Accident Prevention

  • Identifying the most common accidents and hazards at home for each age group
  • Sickness, Injury and First Aid
  • CPR How-To

mormor’s thoughts
and our future.

Babysitting services are becoming an increasingly popular option
as more women are entering the workforce.
With the support of many customers and sitters since the start of the service in 2012,
we have been able to grow step by step.
In the meantime, we are still facing a number of problems that loom large.

Waiting lists, first and fourth grade barrier issues.
We want to eliminate “I can’t leave my child.

There are still many women who want to work but are unable to do so because of waiting lists for children, the barrier between first and fourth grade, and the lack of places to take care of their children. There are not enough childcare facilities, not enough childcare workers, etc., to solve the problem of waiting lists for children..

Under these circumstances, “babysitters” are being looked to as a new option for childcare. As women’s work styles are becoming more diverse, not only in terms of corporate jobs, but also freelance and home-based workers, the babysitting service is becoming more and more popular. There are more and more opportunities for babysitters on top of the existing childcare system.

We want more people to be involved
in raising children.

Babysitting jobs are open to people of all ages and stages of life as no national certification is required. You can work flexibly according to your own schedule, which is perfect for housewives raising children, students, and those who want to work a double shift.

In an increasingly diverse and complex society, mormor hopes that more and more people will get involved in child-raising, and that we can improve the environment surrounding our children with children who are building the future.

Message from
the founder
mormor director Mirika Suzuki

The name of the service, mormor, means “Grandma” in Swedish.
We named our service “mormor” with the hope that we can be the closest partner to our customers in raising their children and that they can easily rely on us.

It is true that qualifications and experience are one of the most important factors for our customers.However, we believe that what is ultimately important is the personality and humanity of the sitters who deal with the children.
At mormor, we want to bring a smile not only to the children, but also to the mothers who are working and raising their children!

Voice of the Babysitter/Children’s Sitter

  • 20s

    I worked at a nursery school for 6 years and started working as a nanny in 2016.
    At first I was a bit nervous, but through the training I learned the job in a way that was easy to understand, and now I find it rewarding to work in a job that allows me to spend time with children one-on-one, which is different from my job at nursery.
    In addition, over the past year or so, I’ve been able to watch children in various stages of growth, from 0 years old to elementary school students, and at the same time, I’ve been able to experience the individuality of each child, and I’ve been able to discover and learn through my work every day!
    Currently, I am able to work both at the nursery and as a nanny, but I am able to work without strain, thanks to the staff at the head office who offer me requests based on my preferred days, hours and days of the week.
    In addition to providing safe and responsible care for our customers, I also want to pay attention to children’s curiosity and small discoveries, and provide them with a joyful and reassuring environment where they can share joy and laughter with each other.

  • 30s

    With no qualifications and no experience in childcare, a close friend gave birth to a baby, which gave me the opportunity to take care of a 0 year old for more than half a year… and that’s when I decided to pursue this career.
    Mormor’s babysitting service is casual, but at the same time, we have a stimulating training and tense environment in order to deal with customers and children in a professional manner.
    The simplicity of only sitting children is what makes it so easy to start and continue.
    After that, I became a full-time employee, and through my involvement with my sitters, I realized that following up with them on their way to the job site is an essential part of the job. Now that I have become a mother, I feel even more strongly that I want to create a better environment as a member of mormor so that each of our customers and sitters can enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

  • 50s

    I have been able to see the cuteness and growth of many children, and we have enjoyed sharing in the joy and excitement of the time we have spent with them, thinking about what we would do if we had grandchildren in the future.
    One of the most memorable moments recently was when I returned to work after taking a break from work due to an injury.I have been visiting him for several years since he was one year old. While he was eating, suddenly he stopped eating and he looked straight at me and said, “I’ve been waiting for Mrs.S to come.”
    I was so moved by the fact that he had grown up to be a kind-hearted brother that I couldn’t say a word.
    Even I who have family, work and hobbies am able to continue working at mormor and I look forward to meeting children.I know firsthand what it is like to be a parent, and I will continue to do my best to make mothers feel at ease as well.