Introduction of our Services

You can request the Sitter to visit your home or any other location to care for your child. We will not question your request.
Please feel free to use mormor not only when you are busy with work, but also when you need some time for yourself to refresh!

What is special about mormor?

Clear and easy pricing plan2,100 yen/hour at any time
There is no premium for hours/holidays, and a simple fee system of 2,100 yen/hour* at any time. You can get more benefits with various coupons. *One child sitting membership fee
Safety and Security MeasuresEnsuring the safety of the children
We give top priority to the safety of the children and therefore do not offer options such as healthcare for sick children or additional housekeeping.
All childcare reports are checked by Headquarters, and we work with the Sitters to continuously improve our services.
Employment that values humanity.We have a diversity of Sitters between the age of 20 – 60.
There is a shortage of human resources in the childcare industry. Therefore, we focus not only on the professional qualifications of interested applicants, but also on their personality and experiences. We have a hiring rate of less than 20%.

Childcare Information

What we do
Indoor play / meal feeding / diaper changing / walking / showering / bathing(Elementary School Children and above) / school pick up (for preschoolers we only offer pick up by walking or by taxi) / childcare outside of the home (e.g. at your place of work)
What we don’t do
Health care for sick children / housekeeping / cooking / pick up and drop off by car or bicycle / bathing of infants, overnight childcare / educational tutoring / childcare for non-contract children
About child transfer
For safety reasons, the Sitter will not use private cars or public transport, when walking outside with preschooler. If it is difficult to pick up and drop off the children on foot, we will consult with you about using a taxi.
Meals during child care
Please prepare the meals, snacks and drinks for your child, as the sitters will not cook.
Outdoor play
Typically we will be indoors when caring for your child, but if the weather is good we can take your child for a walk to the park or to the children’s centre.

An example of a typical day of childcare

The following is an example of Rei who was baby sat for 6 hours in her family home.

“Mom ~ have a great day!! See you later.”
Play time outside includes a visit to the park where Rei can run around energetically.
Change clothes
“Can you do it alone?” Sitter watches carefully.”
Lunch time
“Let’s see what mom has made you for lunch today!”
Afternoon nap
“Time for some rest after a full morning of play…” *The sitter will check for the child’s breathing every 5 minutes.
When the mother returns home, child care ends.
“Welcome back home mom~!”
The sitter will write a report on the child’s state and discuss it with the mother.

Babysitting for events

Childcare services for corporations and groups

We set up a childcare room at company seminars and events to take care of children. Babysitting during events can be arranged from 3 hours.
We arrange Sitters and the childcare room according to the age and number of children.
We ask that the organizers give advance notice to the participants so that they can secure a place for their child/ren.
Please contact us for more information and/or quotes.

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Babysitting for weddings

Childcare services for weddings and receptions

We provide childcare for the child/ren of the bride and groom, their relatives, and guests in a room set up in the ceremony hall or in the waiting area.
Our dedicated Sitters will take care of your child safely so that you can relax and participate in the wedding reception and ceremony.

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