For first-time users 2 hour trial plan

For first-time users 2 hour trial plan

Are you considering to use a babysitting service?
Would you like to try out our services before becoming a member?
We have started a 2 Hour Trial Plan
for first time mormor users!

I am considering using a babysitting service,
but the services and fee structure vary from company to company.
What kind of sitters come? What will you do?
Do you think my child will have a good time?
If you have these questions,
please use our 2 Hour Trial Plan to experience mormor’s childcare services!

The 2 Hour Trial Plan

The 2 Hour Trial Plan costs 4,200 yen (excluding tax) per child,
with an additional transportation fee.

  • Transportation fees also apply for mormor’s regular membership service.
  • Click here for more details.
  • Please contact us for trial rates of sibling sitting.
  • Various discounted tickets and welfare programs are available.
  • Cancellation fees for the 2 Hour Trial Plan
    Canceling a day before
    *If you cancel between 18:00 two days before to 18:00 the day before your booking, we will keep 25% of the fee・・・(1,050 yen, excluding tax)
    Canceling on the day
    *If you cancel between 18:00 the day before booking to the day of booking, we will keep 50% of the fee ・・・ (2,100 yen, excluding tax)

To book a 2 Hour Trial Plan

please contact us on: 03-6276-2149
If you have trouble getting through to customer services,

03-6276-2149weekdays 9am-6pm


We will send you an invoice to your email after the 2 Hour Trial experience.
Please pay the invoice by bank transfer or credit card by the due date on the invoice.
You will be invoiced for all expenses including transportation costs.
There is no need to discuss payment with the Sitter.